Weld County RE8 District Improvements

Project Details:

    Weld County RE8 School District
    Fort Lupton, CO
    $10.6 Million BEST Grant; $6.5 Million Bond
    Anderson Hallas Architects
    Golden Triangle Construction, Inc.
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Weld County School District RE-8 received funding through the BEST grant program for the renovation and addition at Fort Lupton Middle School. The district also received community supported bond funding to supplement the middle school project, as well as fund numerous projects district-wide. DCS was hired to manage the entire $16.9M program, including more than 25 projects at four facilities throughout the district.

Ft. Lupton Middle School, originally constructed in 1932, has undergone numerous additions, renovations and upgrades over the years, including major additions in 1962 and 1989. Construction began on the middle school in 2013 with project completion slated for Fall of 2014, which required work to be done while school was in session. DCS coordinated construction with input from the building administration and staff to ensure minimal disruption to the learning process. The project scope included significant updates to the interior and exterior of the school to improve security, safety, functionality and aesthetics of the building.

DCS effectively addressed numerous challenges during the project, including:

  • Assisting owner and board in understanding the design and construction process.
  • Addressing issues, such as asbestos, that were not accounted for in master plan budget.
  • Managing community expectations while staying on budget and on schedule.
  • Coordinating the decision making process for the mechanical system – traditional vs. geothermal exchange.
           DCS provided utility cost modeling and conducted research with experienced owners.
  • Schedule/coordination of district-wide projects with summer sports, academic and community programs,
           and building usage.

Services Provided

  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Procurement management
  • Hazardous materials abatement management
  • Consultant selection
  • Public relations/communications liaison

Other District Projects

  • Roof replacement: Ft. Lupton High School & Butler Elementary
  • Carpet replacement: Twombly Elementary; Ft. Lupton High School and student services
  • District-wide painting
  • HVAC upgrades: Ft. Lupton High School; Twombly & Butler Elementaries
  • Score board replacement: Ft. Lupton High School & Middle School
  • Gym floor refinishing: Ft. Lupton High School & Middle School
  • Locker replacement: Ft. Lupton High School & Middle School
  • Auditorium seating & stage curtain replacement: Ft. Lupton High School & Middle School
  • Auditorium light & sounds upgrades: Ft. Lupton Middle School
  • Fire alarm upgrades: Butler Elementary & district administration building
  • Track replacement: Ft. Lupton High School
  • Tennis court replacement: Ft. Lupton High School
  • Playfield construction, storm sewer upgrades & pavement upgrades: Butler Elementary
  • Pavement replacement/rehab: Twombly Elementary
  • Gym bleacher replacement: Ft. Lupton High School
  • IT/wireless & power upgrades

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