We excel at advocating on your behalf.  Whether we are guiding you through the entire development process or managing the construction project, our job is to protect your interests.  We effectively work with all project stakeholders, and we have the experience needed to successfully orchestrate all participants in the design and construction team. 

Owner's Rep Services

Construction projects are a complicated web of coordination, and it takes years of experience to gain the insight needed to assure every detail is accounted for.  DCS provides comprehensive owner’s rep services to navigate the development process on your behalf. We effectively work with all stakeholders and Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and we deliberately manage the design and construction teams to achieve your scope on schedule and on budget. From concept through completion we will be your advocate and trusted advisor as we work together to build a successful project. 

Project Management Services

Strong project oversite helps assure that your project stays within scope and the schedule and budget are effectively managed.  DCS offers extensive experience overseeing construction and development operations on behalf of the owner.  While we endeavor to let each member of the project team do what they do well, we also remain very hands on and proactive to keep your project organized and on track.  

We focus on providing unrivaled customer satisfaction through a controlled and deliberate approach.  Our organizational structure ensures your project will be managed by a principal of the firm, which provides to you a partner with real-time accountability and the authority to “make the call” regardless of the situation at hand.  We are agile, adaptable and responsive in ways that rival larger firms.