Our goal is to provide the services that you need most, and to that end, we offer civil engineering and site/space planning services in order to efficiently develop your site and building footprint, maximizing your schedule and budget. We are often involved with our clients at the earliest stages of a project, and by managing initial design services in-house, we can efficiently move your project through the first stages of development by utilizing our intimate understanding of your goals and objectives.

Site Planning

DCS’s many years of experience give us the expertise needed to optimize your land use. We can readily identify constraints early in the process and formulate creative solutions. During the planning process, DCS can prepare and submit all needed materials to the appropriate review agencies as well as provide client representation at meetings.


DCS offers extensive experience in planning, design and construction for buildings, trails and parks, roadways, water, sanitary, and storm services, as well as providing ancillary work that may be associated with your projects such as SWMP (erosion control) inspection and construction administration. Our engineering staff offers years of experience in working with private and public project owners to ensure effective, thoughtful planning and design, and accurate construction documents.