Springfield School District RE4

Springfield School District RE4 Facility Action Plan

Project Details:

  • Client
    Springfield School District RE4
  • Location
    Springfield, CO
  • Architect
    RTA Architects

In 2018 DCS worked with Springfield School District RE4 (SSD) to develop a Facility Action Plan to address very immediate safety and security concerns.  The Action Plan was used to support a 2019 BEST Grant application that resulted in an award to address immediate concerns and later become the catalyst for the district to embark on a campus-wide program.  Later in 2019, DCS and RTA Architects began the process of augmenting the Action Plan to develop a full facility Master Plan.

SSD was operating within 12 separate learning facilities that students and staff had to travel between throughout the school day. DCS and RTA Architects completed a facility assessment, collected facility data from various sources and generated budget recommendations. During this process DCS and RTA evaluated each facility with safety & security, ADA accessibility, educational adequacy, and building infrastructure/systems as the primary tenants.

All 12 campus buildings were identified as operating well beyond their useful life.  Additionally, the disjointed nature of the campus was identified as a major safety and security risk. DCS helped create consensus around a plan to consolidate all freestanding district facilities with the existing Jr./Sr. High School.  This approach would raze the 1940’s era Elementary School, library and separate freestanding preschool and kindergarten buildings.

DCS and RTA assisted SSD in the development of a second BEST Grant application to support funding for the consolidation of the district into one facility. SSD was awarded a BEST Grant in Spring 2020 for a total of $34M.  DCS supported SSD during the 2020 local bond campaign that successfully generated $6M in matching funds. DCS and RTA are currently working with SSD on the resulting campus consolidation project with an anticipated completion of June 2024.

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