SACWSD Facilities Assessment

Project Details:

    South Adams County Water & Sanitation District
    Commerce City, CO
    Anderson Hallas (As Subconsultant to DCS)
    July 1, 2016

DCS worked with the South Adams County Water and Sanitation District in 2012 (Stevenson Administration Building) and again in 2013 (Klein Water Treatment Facility lab addition).  This time, DCS was engaged to assist the District with their district-wide organizational improvements program working to identify and implement organizational efficiencies that improved the delivery of key services to their customers.  As part of this engagement, DCS will help the District create a 10-20 year plan for their key facilities, including learning how to best leverage their existing facilities while also evaluating vacant parcels to consider how they may plan for future growth and customer support.

One of the most critical tasks DCS assisted the District with is the evaluation of water treatment options for 1,4-Dioxane and Total Hardness at the Klein Water Treatment Plant and how the various treatment options affect their current and future facility needs. In order to provide the District with the necessary details, DCS procured a water engineering firm experienced in water treatment. The objectives of the study include providing budget level costs for treatment alternatives, estimates for annual operations and maintenance costs of treatment, the identification and evaluation of anticipated land and infrastructure/building needs required to implement the treatment options. 

Services Provided

  • General management and organization of the district-wide facility assessment
  • Conduct needs assessment with District managers
  • Facilitate chartering sessions with District managers
  • Provide subconsultant services for water engineer
  • Provide subconsultant services for architect
  • Provide and support recommendations for use of existing physical assets and real estate
  • Provide anticipated master development timeline (schedule)
  • Create a master development budget (opinion of probable cost)
  • Coordinate site visits and inspections to confirm existing conditions
  • Consultation with city planning & AHJ’s
  • Review of record documents and building plans
  • Development of concept plans and concept budgets

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