Prospect Ridge Academy

Prospect Ridge Academy Master Planning

Project Details:

  • Client
    Prospect Ridge Academy
  • Location
    Broomfield, CO
  • Architect
    TreanorHL Architects
  • Completion Date
    March 2020

Prospect Ridge Academy (PRA) is a K-12, tuition-free charter school in the Adams 12 School District located in Broomfield, Colorado. This school was founded in 2010 and supports the wide range of new development in the fast-growing Broomfield area. DCS began working with PRA in 2015 and since then we have completed numerous projects including an addition, new gym facility and more.  Currently, the campus is made of two separate elementary and high school facilities along with outdoor recreational spaces. The two separate facilities have caused a disjointed campus flow. PRA to hire DCS for the development of a new campus masterplan that would address campus flow, space concerns and prepare PRA to continue to offer a safe, 21st Century learning environment for all students. 

DCS managed the solicitation process for an architect and accordingly, PRA hired TreanorHL as the architecture firm to work alongside DCS, the PRA Board of Directors and PRA Visioning team in the development of a campus masterplan. Throughout the master planning process the mission and vision of PRA, “to create academic, social and ethical leaders PRA will evaluate, maintain and create sustainable environments that stimulate optimal learning and development,” guided each step. Overall, the central goal of this process was to develop a connected campus where there is a sense of oneness between the two separate buildings.   Additional goals included: offering a variety of enhanced student collaborative environments, flexible learning spaces and strengthening the safety and security of the school. 

The master planning process included numerous work sessions with the visioning team, staff and parents, focus group meetings, observation of the school flow in real-time and more. Additionally, DCS managed the solicitation process and eventual hiring of General Contractor, Fransen Pittman contribute a cost estimate for the masterplan.  After the planning process was complete, a phased implementation plan was recommended to ensure that the more pressing issues were addressed first. Phases included the initial remodeling of the elementary school in phases one and two and the eventual additions of community gathering spaces, a flexible auditorium and gym addition in phases 3-5.  All of these phases contributed to the eventual connection of the two school facilities into one facility. 

Due to funding constraints and the COVID-19 pandemic, PRA is currently reassessing the proposed phases to prioritize specific work within this masterplan even further. DCS will be assisting PRA in this and the eventual implementation process for the identified $25+ Million in proposed improvements. 

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