Fowler School District R4J

Fowler School District R4J Facility Master Plan

Project Details:

  • Client
    Fowler School District R4J
  • Location
    Fowler, CO
  • Architect
    RTA Architects
  • Anticipated Completion
    Spring 2024

Fowler School District (FSD) determined that a master planning process would be the most efficient way to establish a viable solution to improve district facilities and address deficiencies that affected the health, safety and educational environment of all students, staff and teachers. DCS was hired to manage this process after a competitive procurement process. 

With the goals of FSD in mind, DCS developed a work plan to guide FSD through the master planning process which included: meetings and outreach, documentation, assessment and evaluation, consensus building and a list of recommendations.  DCS also aided FSD in the procurement of an Architect to help create the Master Plan.  Together, DCS and RTA Architects facilitated the master planning process which allowed FSD to acutely identify and triage deficiencies throughout the district. 

The solution that was agreed upon after thorough qualitative and quantitative research was to consolidate the FSD campus. The proposed campus would be on one parcel of land as opposed to the current situation where students have to cross the state highway multiple times throughout the school day.  DCS was vital in facilitating this process and managing conversations with multiple stakeholders to ensure that the overarching goals of FSD were always at the forefront.  

DCS provided support during the 2019 local Bond Election that successfully approved $4.5M that would become a pledge for grant matching dollars.  And in 2020, DCS lead the process of developing a BEST Grant application requesting more than $37M from the Colorado Department of Education BEST Grant program.  The district was successful in securing a BEST Grant. Design and construction of the new, consolidated campus began in 2021. 

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