Thoroughly understanding your project and facility needs is critical to managing expectations, costs and schedules.  DCS’s consulting services identify project objectives and critical success factors, as well as obstacles and constraints, early in the process so you can move forward armed with the vital information you need.  

Feasibility Studies

We take satisfaction in positively affecting your mission by assessing your facility with respect to immediate and future needs. Through a controlled and deliberate approach customized for each client, we will identify risks and opportunities for a variety of scenarios so you can choose the option that fits best. We present our assessments in a structured and understandable manner so you can easily identify the sometimes subtle differences between the options. Principle deliverables of a feasibility study include a clear and concise objective, a program or scope, the anticipated timeline, and proposed concept budget.   

Due Diligence

Careful due diligence is a critical step in the evolution of project development. Protecting your project resources and business interests requires that no stone go unturned. Careful due diligence will identify or highlight risks that could negatively affect the scope, schedule and budget of your project.  Our extensive experience in all facets of development and construction allow us to efficiently target/identify issues and employ mitigations. We know where to find the information you need that will help identify risks and provide solutions for mitigating them.