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The conscientious, ethical, professional and personable service delivered by DCS brought the Emergency Communication Center project in on time and under budget. DCS worked closely with the General Contractor and internal staff consistently meeting everyone's needs throughout. Outstanding Job!

JEFF STREETER Executive Director Jeffcomm911

DCS worked to execute the plan for each project with precision. They made sure we knew what to expect at every turn and helped us evaluate the options before taking action to implement our decision.

KEVIN VINCEL Fire Chief South Adams County Fire Department

DCS has been great to work with. Through their expertise, they are able to anticipate and mitigate problems with projects before they arise. DCS cares about our organization and it shows through their continued dedication on all of our projects.

BOB OLME Division Chief, Support Services West Metro Fire Rescue

[DCS’s] expertise, calm demeanor, and problem solving skills have served [us] well. …Your technique in encouraging and evaluating differing viewpoints was effective in getting us to quick and timely resolutions on sometimes challenging topics. You helped create a synergy among our team to get us to where we needed to be with successful resolution…

ABEL MORENO D&C Systems Manager South Adams County Water and Sanitation District

School districts have always relied on DCS to lead and manage the highest profile and most complex projects, as well as the projects that are behind-the-scenes but need to be handled with utmost care. John is the consummate professional, addressing district accountability on construction projects, generating public excitement about the district’s directions on education, student achievement, facility design, and coordinating the multiple construction projects within the school district.

CHAD NOVAK Principal TreanorHL Architects

[DCS] joined the project during the design and programming phase and was instrumental in working with our community on all aspects of the design. Community input was used to “value engineer” areas in which [DCS] determined to be over budget….Most importantly our project was on budget and on time. This is attributed to John making timely decisions and anticipating problems. We saved resources above and beyond what [DCS} cost us and would not hesitate to employ [DCS] again in this capacity.

ANN FATTOR President, Board of Education Gilpin County Public Schools RE-1 (former)

[DCS] was not involved in the initial church building construction, and the project was completed with significant difficulty, delay and some dissent at all levels…..we felt a need for outside leadership and expertise to make our current expansion project less divisive…and more efficient and economical…..[DCS’s] leadership and expertise on our fire protection issue alone has already saved the Church his total project fee – in just two months…..we had been told to expect this type of impact by John’s past Clients…

BILL TREMMEL Executive Director of Programs (former) Northern Hills Christian Church

John has always displayed and encouraged the philosophy of the team concept. He approaches each project with care and a thorough understanding of the Owner’s goals and desired outcomes. John is a very talented facilitator of group meetings, ranging from design charettes, operations and maintenance work sessions, as well as, project reporting to the Board of Education.

CHAD NOVAK Principal TreanorHL Architects

John’s expertise and skill in guiding our [Gilpin County] Board of Education, administration, and staff during the past two years as we have watched design transformed into structure have been invaluable to our school community. John’s services have allowed me personally to focus on serving as an instructional leader of our students and staff….I recommend John highly based upon his knowledge, strong interpersonal skills, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that I am able to write this strong letter of support at the conclusion of our project together….John’s expertise saved the district far more than we spent on his services.

CHRIS FIELDER SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Gilpin County Public Schools RE-1 (former); Current Superintendent at Brighton 27J

…[DCS] jumped in with the enthusiasm and passion that has made [their] firm a success. I’ve seen [DCS’s] attention to detail, plan review and contract administration save thousands of dollars. His “win-win” approach to project management has gained him the respect of Building Owner’s, Architects and Contractors….I would not hesitate to recommend John and Diversified Consulting Solutions to anyone.

ED HOLDER Construction Manager, Planning, Design & Construction Poudre School District

For myself, personally, the three best qualities of the people in this organization are their honesty, integrity, and their commitment to their client. Some owner’s representative firms will “talk the talk” but are actually more aligned with the architects and contractors because they will meet them down the road on another project. John Sattler will be the first to tell you they work for the owner and no one else.

RICHARD B. HAWLEY Director of Support Services Weld County School District RE-8

Working with John and the team at DCS was honestly better than anything I could have imagined. From start to finish, they put the school and our needs above every other motivation. If you had told me at the beginning of this project that we would deliver our brand new building ahead of schedule and under budget, and that the process would actually be enjoyable, I would have laughed you out of the room. But that is exactly what we got from our partnership with DCS.

JILL CARTY TEW Director of Operations and Innovation (former) Roots Elementary

From the initial passing of our bond over three years ago, DCS has been a determined and ambitious advocate for the District. John and Andy immediately commenced an initial budget analysis, diligently confirming how the budget was derived, while also suggesting corrections and potential purchasing opportunities. They have impeccably tracked unforeseen conditions and owner-requested changes, keeping us appraised in real-time of the bond budget. Their careful planning and expertise allowed for other purchases not originally considered within the bond. This bond would not have been successful without the guidance and leadership of these professionals. DCS truly brings VALUE to a project.

DOUG MOSS Chief Financial & Operations Officer Weld County School District RE-1

Jeff (Reed) had full understanding of what we had and where we wanted to go. He saved the district time and money by being the go-between and communicating with the architects, the builders, the movers, the project super, the attorney, BEST, etc. It was not uncommon to meet with Jeff weekly (often twice a week) and to speak daily at the peak of the project. His responsiveness to the project was immediate and thorough.

SHARON GREEN Superintendent Revere School District

...John (Sattler) was able to move the process forward and keep the owner, architect and contractor functioning as a unified team. When the district's steering committee was split on design decisions, John was able to break the deadlock and create consensus. ...John negotiated long and hard to write a construction contract that kept change orders at an unbelievably low level. When schedule difficulties arose, John was the one who worked out solutions that met the district's needs...

PAUL HAACK Principal Anderson Mason Dale Architects

John (Sattler) was instrumental in working through issues that kept the project running smoothly and coordinated efforts between Haselden Construction, the architect and the owner so as to enable the parties to complete their responsibilities in a timely and organized manner. John's style is to negotiate issues in a firm and fair manner in order to insure an ongoing forward flow on a project. ...Haselden would welcome the opportunity to work with John on any future project.

MIKE HASELDEN Vice President & COO Haselden Construction, Inc.

Our project presented many unusual challenges. ...DCS was successful in helping us write a supplemental grant, leverage outside grant money, and work with the design team to turn our project into a complete and solid 21st century school.

MONICA JOHNSON Superintendent Kim School District R-88

John [of DCS] is my project manager of choice. ...John is results-oriented. His insight allows him to discover a client's ultimate goal and focus his strategy to realize that goal. ...[He] brings all project parties together to function smoothly as a unit; and of course he produces on-time, under-budget results.

ROB SCHUBERT Facilities Coordinator University of Colorado at Boulder

[DCS] naturally reached out to administration, parents, board members and staff to include others in their strategic thinking and decision-making. I'm not sure they ever met a challenge for which they couldn't tackle and develop a sound, successful solution.

DR. CINDY COMPTON Director Swallows Charter Academy

[DCS is] reliable, dependable and trustworthy, and demonstrate a commitment to meeting the needs of their clients. ...You will be fortunate to have the chance to work with them on any project where you desire commitment and excellence.

THOMAS GOODHEW Architect/Facilities Planner Dept. of Facilities Management University of Colorado, Boulder Campus

[DCS's] emphasis of the educational program as the key driver to any dollars spent has been a guiding light to our decision process, coupled with the aforementioned emphasis is John's commitment to budget and schedule. Keeping focus on these three tenets, [DCS] has successfully delivered a tremendous amount of value to our organization during a crucial time period for the district.

MARK RYDBERG Director of Finance Moffat County School District RE-1

Now that the project is finalizing, I can look back and say I enjoyed the process much more because of DCS. They were professionals who encouraged us to laugh and enjoy the moment, and who shouldered the stress when they could. Jeff (Reed) and Aubree (Thomson) are reliable, hardworking, and a pleasure to be around. They started out as professional colleagues and ended up as friends.

SHARON GREEN Superintendent Revere School District